From the back room to the boardroom: A week in Texas

By Barry Payne

The move from the back room to the boardroom was a central theme during my recent week-long tour of Austin, San Antonio and Dallas. During the week, I was able to get a real sense of the priorities and challenges impacting a range of CFOs and their organizations.

I was touched by the stories I heard, of CPAs who have a defined themselves as catalysts and true leaders within their organizations.  They have genuinely led their finance organizations from the back room to the boardroom.

Amongst the variety of businesses I saw, from global oil and gas, to not-for-profit, IT and small business – three themes stood out strong:

  • You are all doing more with less, you are wanting to centralize or outsource transactional work; leading to
  • Redefining the roles of your retained finance people and making them comfortable in the areas of management reporting, analytics and performance management; leading to
  • The importance of growing strong and interdependent teams and having your people lead without having authority.

As a CGMA, you have full access to the tool How to develop a strong and Interdependent team.

I thank the Texas Society of CPAs and the Dallas, San Antonio and Austin Societies of CPAs for making me so welcome and giving me an opportunity to speak to over 150 members. I look forward to visiting Texas again in June and I will be talking more about finance transformation and the key leadership role that CGMAs can play. In the meantime, do contact me if you would like to know more about CGMA and how we can help your organization.

Guest blog post written by:
Barry Payne
Director - Business Development, Management Accounting at AICPA