The end of sustainable competitive advantage

Columbia Business School associate professor Rita Gunther McGrath says that she thinks we are at the end of the world as we know it—at least in terms of our thinking about sustainable competitive advantage.

Striking the Balance

In a recent article Building the Healthy Corporation, McKinsey highlights the challenges that companies face in striking the balance between short-term results and long-term performance.

Value - what's it worth?

The concept of ‘value’ has been much debated in the CIMA office – our recent CGMA business models report looked at some of the different ways in which businesses create and drive value.

Cyber-threats can live anywhere

In a recent presentation at the AICPA’s Global Manufacturing Conference, Daimon Geopfert showed how easy it can be to break into a corporate entity’s computer system.

Getting to grips with the Big Data Buzzwords

If you have been wondering when to “Hadoop” or whether “analytics” is a new programme you should learn, you are not alone. Oh, and how is “in-memory processing” different to normal memory processing?