Marie M. Hibbert, CPA/CITP, CGMA

Tax Manager, Deloitte

Motivation to get the CGMA Designation
My customers are faced with an increasingly complex tax landscape. Serving them to the best of my ability means being able to collaborate and establish a workable tax technology strategy allowing them to effectively manage their tax lifecycle. Delivering and executing that strategy takes a specific skill set, and I think the CGMA designation highlights my ability to develop a workable strategy that will lead to long-term success within their organizations.

Journey through taking the live and self-study learning and exam
The preparation for the CGMA exam was far different than the preparation work for the CPA Exam. The live preparation allowed me to meet with a group of my peers and work together through real test scenarios. Our instructor was knowledgeable and provided us with a good foundation for the exam. The self-study learning was both a refresher into theories and concepts I’ve previously reviewed and studied as well as an introduction to new material relevant to the challenges businesses today face.

Thoughts on the CGMA exam and format
While many exams rely on your ability to memorize a certain amount of information the CGMA exam is more about applying the knowledge you’ve obtained throughout your career to a real-life business scenario. The exam truly tests the ability to analyze a problem and provide a comprehensive response. Not knowing exactly what is going to be asked on the exam was a bit of a challenge. I often found myself making up scenarios and questions in my head, which of course were not in any way what was actually asked on the exam.

Value of going through the Program
Meeting the needs of our customers requires that I stay in touch with the challenges and the struggles they face in a tax landscape that seems to change by the minute.  The framework of the Program focuses on the areas that are integral for my continued ability to grow as a professional. Technical skills, business skills, and people and leadership skills are all areas on which both I and my organization place a high value.

Program Experience
I believe the CGMA designation truly sets a candidate apart and shows their capability of seeing the full picture. When reviewing resumes, I truly believe that if I had two candidates with equal credentials, that the CGMA designation would be a differentiator. I would highly recommend the CGMA Program to any of my peers who truly want to undertake a Program that expands their professional development while highlighting their ability to help organizations achieve their goals.

Value of obtaining the CGMA designation
The value of obtaining the CGMA designation continues to unfold. Through the preparation for the exam, I was able to critically analyze key areas where I have an opportunity to serve my customers in new ways and apply what I have learned in daily practice. The CGMA designation is my statement to the broader business marketplace that I am invested in helping both my organization and my customers’ organizations in achieving their business goals.