Jerry W. Hinton, Jr CPA, CGMA

Accounting Consultant, Accretive Solutions

Motivation to get the CGMA Designation
Prestige. Validation of my knowledge and experience. Respect and appreciation for the scope of knowledge covered by the CGMA Program and the skills that CGMA designees demonstrate.

Journey through taking the live and self-study learning and exam
Very exciting!  I started studying the CGMA Program prior to knowing that the CGMA designation existed.  In 2015 I was encouraged by the company CFO to activate my CPA license.  An added incentive for me to activate my license was a new initiative by the CFO to reimburse me for my CPE fees.  I went on-line to the AICPA store to find courses that I was interested in studying and the course that stood out from all the rest was what I later learned was the CGMA Program.  I truly enjoyed every minute of the live and self-study learning. I have always wanted to be a senior executive.  The CGMA was a pathway to get me back on track to become one.  The exam was a relief because I was prepared. My self-study combined with the live learning Program exposed me to the technique needed to increase my chances of passing the CGMA exam.  I was able to translate my knowledge (old, and newly acquired) into exam responses that earned passing marks.

Thoughts on the CGMA exam and format
Typically, I do not like or dislike exams.  To me, an exam is simply a task that needs to be completed to demonstrate a command of relevant subject matter.  Besides AICPA courses, the CGMA exam is my only exposure to computer exams; more specifically, timed computer exams.  I think this is an efficient test taking format for all parties involved (test takers, evaluators, and test auditors). The one thing I did like about the exam was the closeness of the testing facility to my house. The ability to take the exam at a nearby location was a big plus.

Value of going through the Program
The most valuable gain from going through the CGMA Program is insight into what the executive level perspective looks like.  I really enjoyed learning about and discovering all the variables that high level executives have to effectively manage in order to lead and manage a successful business operation.

The designation is something that I would list on my resume as an accomplishment. It is definitely something I would lean on to demonstrate expertise in management accounting.

Program Experience
I would definitely recommend the CGMA Program to peers who are interested in gaining and/or expanding their global business perspective.  The CGMA Program is an efficient way to acquire exposure to all the issues that need to be effectively addressed to ensure strategic, operational and financial success.  Many of the issues introduced through the Program may not be exposed to an accountant in their everyday business activities.  The CGMA Program provides this exposure.  Bottom-line, if a peer is as curious as I am about business operations and the processes that keep high-performing businesses successful, the CGMA is the way to go.

Value of obtaining the CGMA designation
The value of obtaining the CGMA designation in terms of the journey is that through the learning process CGMA candidates acquire a macro and micro exposure to the concepts, issues, and processes that senior executives must effectively manage to ensure strategic, operational, and financial success.  With a broadened business perspective CGMAs are equipped to apply a heightened business awareness to short-term and long term business matters at all levels of the organization.