Jeffrey Mitch, CPA, CGMA


Motivation to get the CGMA Designation   
I had read about the CGMA in the Journal of Accountancy and began to research the designation.  After initially researching and learning about the CGMA, I talked with members of my state institute of certified public accountants (The PICPA) and they spoke very highly of the designation and how it could help me in my current role.  This convinced me that this was a worthwhile designation that would help me be a better practitioner for my employer.

Journey through taking the live and self-study learning and exam
The journey has been a wonderful learning experience.  I took the 56 hours of self-study CPE and they enhanced my knowledge of the various aspects of management accounting.  The live review course was wonderful!  Adrian Sims, the instructor, was an extremely effective instructor and he taught the class not only how to perform well in the exam, but also ways to apply the CGMA concepts in the workplace.                  

Thoughts on the CGMA exam and format
The exam was different from any prior exam I had taken in that it is an all essay 3-hour case study.  I liked how we were given pre-seen material and had the opportunity to prepare as though we were the management accountant in the case study.  As far as dislike, the only comment I would make is that around the 2.5-hour mark I felt exhaustion kicking in and had to reach down deep and power through!

Value of going through the Program
After going through the Program, I recognize that I have a greater appreciation and understanding of the role of management accountants.  As it relates to my day-to-day duties, I look at risk and corporate governance differently.  The Program has provided valuable perspective and I have used that perspective to shape how I view my team’s role in our organization as an important component of corporate governance.  

Program Experience
The CGMA is definitely something I would list as an accomplishment.  I worked very hard through the self-study courses and preparing for this exam and I think it showcases the value I can bring to an organization. The CGMA definitely makes sense for management accountants.  It distinguishes you as a professional management accountant with the essential technical, business, people, and leadership skills that employer’s value. 

Value of obtaining the CGMA designation
I believe that this journey has made me a better professional.  The various learning that I completed have enhanced my professional approach and I apply what I have learned every day to enhance the value I bring to my organization.