Aaron Mudry, CPA, CGMA

Aaron Mudry, CPA, CGMA 


Aaron Mudry works as a Controller for OpenSymmetry, a global consulting firm specializing in Sales Performance Management.  Aaron is responsible for managing the complexities of a global organization including banking relationships, compliance, financial reporting and budgeting, as well as day to day accounting operations.  Aaron spends much of his time interfacing with company executives and assisting with corporate planning and management.  Outside of work Aaron enjoys spending time with his wife while watching their two boys participate in activities.  Aaron is also an avid sports fan and enjoys watching baseball and football, and the occasional round of golf, when time permits. The CGMA is a perfect complement to his CPA license and MBA, helping to open the door for greater opportunities in the future.

Motivation to get the CGMA designation 
I was first introduced to the idea by our CFO and after looking into it I felt it would be a perfect fit with an MBA and CPA.  After obtaining my MBA 4 to 5 years ago I’ve been looking for something that would fit with my background and provide another jumping off point for growth and development.  The CGMA journey was exactly what I needed.

The journey through taking the live and self-study learning and exam 
It was a great experience and extremely helpful.  It was flexible enough to fit into a busy schedule while rigid enough to help meet the exam date.  The material studied I found very valuable in preparing for the format and appropriately responding to the content that was ultimately on the exam. 

Thoughts on the CGMA exam and the format
The exam was challenging as it pulled as much from professional experience as it did technical skill and knowledge.  It also included sections on soft skills and leadership that helped round the material out, in my opinion.  I really liked that it walked you through real-life scenarios and there was quite a bit of discretion with how you choose to best respond to the question. Providing scoring of answers that are qualitative can be challenging for the test taker but I thought the review course did a great job of helping to focus on the key points that should be considered when answering questions.

Going through the CGMA Program
I gained confidence in my professional knowledge and aptitude as well as an appreciation for the breadth of knowledge I’ve accumulated through the years. 

The CGMA Program will certainly be an accomplishment that I highlight because I believe it demonstrates a level of expertise in a broad number of areas that is important to speak to when applying for senior level and executive positions.  Since it is still a fairly new exam not everyone will be as familiar so there might be some education required on my part but that is not a reason to not make it part of the discussion.

The CGMA exam is unlike many of the other certification exams available which focus on technical expertise only.  The CGMA is a great complement to the resume of highly skilled professionals with strong technical competence who would like to move into a management role.

Value of the CGMA designation
The CGMA Program is challenging and forces you to take inventory of your knowledge from years of sometimes managing “in the moment”.  Going through the course material exposes you to different scenarios, some which may be very familiar and some which may be new, and challenges your instincts on how you might best manage through them.  The knowledge and skills gained through studying, as well as the experience of setting a goal to be certified and meeting it, will go a long ways in complementing the knowledge and skills I’ve acquired through years of management.