CGMA State Society Resources

Thank you for your participation in the CGMA State Society Marketing Program. Your efforts have been instrumental in growing the designation, and to help you continue your success during the 2020-21 fiscal year, we’ve updated our sharable resources and made them available below.

One further note – All references to the CGMA Program and the CGMA Designation should be directed to the Program Overview

FM magazine articles

Management Accounting Whitepapers and Thought Leadership

CGMA Finance Leadership Program Videos



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Choose from one of three pathways:

  • CGMA Strategic Case Study Exam - $495 (promo CPACRED30)
    • CGMA Case Study Exam Review Course package - $795 (promo CPACSRC30)
      Strategic level exam review course
    • CGMA Strategic Case Study Exam fee — includes one free retake within subscription period
  • CGMA Finance Leadership Program Strategic Level Package - $1,895 (promo CPA30+)
    • CGMA Strategic Case Study Exam fee — includes one free retake within subscription period
    • Strategic level exam review course
    • Access to CGMA Finance Leadership Program Strategic level learning

Champion Program Information

CGMA Champions are state society members who are active, energetic and enthusiastic about the future of management accounting and the impact it can make in the business world.  CGMA Champions will enhance their role as a financial expert by:

  1. Committing to developing their skills via the CGMA Program
  2. Applying technical, leadership, business and people skills to pass the CGMA exam
  3. Connecting with like-minded individuals
  4. Being ambassadors for the CGMA designation

We invite you to nominate meritorious members to participate in the CGMA Finance Leadership Program. Those chosen by their state to become CGMA Champions will be given complimentary access to the CGMA Program including learning and exam-prep resources, exam fee, and member dues for the first year.  While completing the CGMA Program and thereafter, CGMA Champions may have the opportunity to be recognized by AICPA through sharing their expertise and being leaders of the designation in the marketplace. Please send in the name and contact information of your nominations to Emma Buyers.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with questions about the CGMA/state CPA society marketing agreement. We look forward to strengthening our partnership now and in the future.