Will your finance team be ready?

The CGMA Finance Leadership Program is the best way for finance professionals at your company to master all the skills they need to thrive in an uncertain future, from strategy formulation to business performance. 

Now this personalized learning experience—and the CGMA designation—is available to everyone who doesn’t already hold a CPA. 

Watch this video to learn more about the CGMA Finance Leadership Program:

Transcript of video

Digital disruption. A regulatory environment in constant flux. The multi-generational workforce. Today's finance departments face unprecedented challenges as they try to serve their companies with the ever-increasing rate of change. Meeting these demands requires the critical thinking ability and strategic decision-making skills of an entire team of savvy financial professionals. Is yours ready? They better be, and fast. Operations, compliance, controls and costs are putting strategic priorities on hold while the gap between your team's current capabilities and the needed proficiency continues to grow. So how do you empower your team with the skills they need in this age of disruption?

The answer is the new CGMA finance leadership program. Designed specifically for finance professionals, it covers the end-to-end business cycle from strategy formulation to business performance. The program is based on input from hundreds of organizations around the world. They told us what specific competencies financial professionals need the most: Technical and business as well as leadership and people skills, all of which are included in the program.

The CGMA finance leadership program offers a learning journey designed to build your team's knowledge and provide immediate benefits to your organization. Engaging scenario-based content and knowledge checks shape and reinforce new learning. Real-world business simulations put their knowledge to the test and allow learners to demonstrate mastery of each competency as your team develops new skills.

You can review their progress and prioritize their learning journey according to your most acute business needs. Employees who master all the competencies will be well-prepared for the CGMA exam and the chance to earn one of the most prestigious designations in our field. They will also be poised to tackle strategic priorities and act as business partners in every corner of your organization. If you're ready to empower your finance team, visit CGMA.org/myteam today to learn more. 

Are there professionals without a CPA on your team that are interested in attaining their CGMA certification? You can sponsor them now or share this video with them.