Exam results and grading

Exam format

The CGMA exam is a computerized case study examination that tests your readiness to apply management accounting knowledge in real-world business situations. It assesses theoretical knowledge, but, more importantly, tests your ability to apply that knowledge in an open-ended format.

You will be given a data set and industry information about a hypothetical organization seven weeks in advance of your testing date. This advance, or “pre-seen,” material will be available to download up until the last day of the exam window.

During the three-hour exam, you will be presented with three to five tasks related to the business case. Along with the tasks, new information may be provided that will change the business scenario and will require you to adapt your answer. Each task must be answered fully in the allotted time, which will be displayed on the screen.

Exam tutorial

This exam tutorial demonstrates the full functionality of the exam. It explains how to answer the various questions/item types, and how to navigate through the exam. The exam tutorial is available in several formats on the Pearson VUE web page.

Results and grading

Exams are graded by vetted management accounting experts. Results will be sent within approximately six weeks of taking the exam.