The CGMA Finance Leadership Program - Overview

The CGMA Finance Leadership Program was created to help you develop mastery of critical skills as you work to earn the CGMA designation. The foundation of the program is the CGMA Competency Framework, which outlines the essential business skills every company needs, based on extensive feedback from employers around the world. The result is a comprehensive program encompassing both the technical finance and accounting skills as well as the business, people and leadership skills finance professionals need now and in the future.


The CGMA Finance Leadership Program is comprehensive, to empower you with all of the relevant and practical skills you need to be an effective business leader. It is designed specifically for working professionals, using real-world scenarios to help you learn new frameworks and tools you can apply immediately, while building a solid foundation of business acumen that will serve you throughout your careers.


The CGMA program is extremely flexible, with different entry points to set you on the most efficient path to master critical skills and earn the CGMA designation. The program builds on your unique knowledge and experience, so you can start the program at the entry point that is right for you, and then gain the complementary skills that you need to be a successful, well-rounded, business partner. 


The CGMA program is online and self-paced, so you can develop new business skills anytime, from anywhere in the world. The innovative program constantly adapts to you, learning your strengths and focusing on your unique professional development needs, to create a truly personal learning experience.


The CGMA Finance Leadership Program features three separate levels, encompassing all the critical business competencies, from the fundamental business principles to the most advanced topics. The Operational Level introduces essential business concepts and provides a strong foundation in the technical skills in finance and accounting. The Management Level builds on these core skills and business acumen, with more advanced concepts, tools and frameworks. The Strategic Level completes your professional skill set, with new insights and a valuable toolkit to help you lead at the enterprise level.


Each CGMA Finance Leadership Program level is divided into specific skill sets, so you can build your professional toolkit one skill at a time. Ongoing learning and assessment throughout the program helps to identify skills that you have already mastered, and guides you to the opportunities to learn and apply new tools. Each level of the CGMA program culminates with a Case Study Exam, to test your mastery of the business concepts and your ability to apply your knowledge and skills in real-world business situations. You must successfully pass the required assessments to qualify for the CGMA designation.