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The CGMA Finance Leadership Program is offered in one, two- and three-year subscription options.  Subscriptions range from one to three full year programs to allow each candidate the necessary time to complete the program.

If you already have the education and experience that allow you to start a more advanced program level, the one one-year subscription plan may give you enough time to reach your CGMA designation.  

The two and three-year subscription plans are a good choice if you need more time to complete the CGMA Finance Leadership Program and start at the lower levels. 

All subscription options include everything you need to earn the CGMA designation.  Regardless of where you start, you will have access to all the learning, tools and frameworks featured in the program. Each subscription plan includes access to exam review materials for each the case study exams, the actual CGMA Case Study Exam fees and one free retake per exam within the subscription period. 

These subscription plans also includes your membership dues for the AICPA as a CGMA Associate Member based on the length of your plan. If you need more time to complete the CGMA program, you can always renew your initial subscription.

Current prices are as follows


  • 1 Year Program Subscription-$2,495
  • 2 Year Program Subscription-$3,795
  • 3 Year Program Subscription-$4,395


There are two subscription plans available for the CGMA Finance Leadership Program, so you can choose the plan that works best for you. 

Both subscription plans include:

  • Access to the CGMA Finance Leadership Program
  • Two (2) credits toward each of the required CGMA Case Study Exams
  • Preparation resources for each of the required CGMA Case Study Exams
  • Membership in the AICPA as a CGMA Associate Member

As a CPA, you must be an AICPA regular member and you must pass the Strategic Case Study Exam to earn the CGMA designation. There are several one-year subscription options that were created for the CPA Pathway. 

CGMA Strategic Case Study Exam fee: $495

  • Includes one free retake within subscription period

CGMA Case Study Exam Review Course Package: $795

  • Strategic level exam review course
  • CGMA Stategic Case study Exam Fee-includes one free retake within subscription period

CGMA Finance Leadership Program Strategic Level Package: $1,895

  • CGMA Stategic Case study Exam Fee-includes one free retake within subscription period
  • Strategic level exam review course
  • Access to CGMA Finance Leadership Program Strategic level learning

As a CPA and member, you can also choose to register for the CGMA Finance Leadership Program which includes all fees, learning and exams. The annual subscription fee is $2,495 for one year, $3795 for two years and $4395 for three years, in addition to your AICPA membership. 

For AICPA members who have passed the CGMA exam and meet the practical experience requirements, the final step in becoming a CGMA designation holder is to submit the application and pay the respective designation fee.

Annual dues are $180.

AICPA members who also carry a state society membership receive a yearly discount of $50, making annual dues with a state society membership $130.

If you have received a voucher from your employer, then you are ready to register for the CGMA program. During the registration process, you will have the opportunity to indicate that you are registering with a Program Voucher and enter the code provided to you by your employer. The voucher code validates your payment for the authorized subscription plan.

Each voucher’s expiration date is equal to the length of the purchased subscription (1, 2 or 3 year) from the time the voucher code was sent to the employer.  

The voucher can be redeemed at any time before the expiration date. However, redeeming the voucher after it has been sent to the employer reduces your active time in the program. We recommend that employers distribute the vouchers directly after receipt and ask their candidates to register promptly to maximize their time in the program.

If, for any reason, you are unable to continue with the CGMA program, you are eligible for a refund within the first 30 days of your registration.  There are no refunds available for the CGMA program after the first 30 days; your subscription will remain active until it expires.

To extend or renew your CGMA program subscription, simply go to your MyCGMA account on and purchase another year of access to the program.

When you extend your subscription, the next 12-month period will start the first day after your current subscriptions end date. You will not you lose any days if you choose to renew early.

You can extend your subscription anytime within 6 months of the expiration date. Your new subscription will start the day you pay for the renewal. If you wait longer than 6 months, then you will be unable to renew your subscription and you must complete a new registration.

If you reach the end date of your program subscription and it is not renewed, you will lose access to the CGMA program. You can extend your subscription.


Once you purchase another subscription, your membership is reactivated allowing you to access the learning and examinations from where you left off.

Within the first three years, you can renew your initial one or a two-year subscription at the cost of the annual one-year subscription, $2,495.

If you choose to renew your subscription to the CGMA program after three years, then the subscription cost will be $995 per year.  This subscription fee includes access to learning, membership and exam fees.

Membership is required to both study to become a CGMA and to maintain your CGMA designation. CGMA Associate Membership is included in your subscription package when you register for the CGMA Finance Leadership Program. Once you have earned the designation, you will only pay for the CGMA Associate Membership. The annual membership fee is $395/year.

AICPA members with CGMA Associate Membership who have completed the CGMA Program and earned the designation pay a $395 annual fee.

When you register for the CGMA Finance Leadership Program, you become a CGMA Associate Member. Your annual membership dues are included in the CGMA program subscription plan.  After your subscription expires, your membership dues will be billed on an annual basis, based on the anniversary date of your registration.

As an individual customer you will pay for the CGMA during the registration process. We currently accept payments via credit card (Visa, MasterCard, and American Express). 

Yes. If you not are a corporate client, and want to pay via invoice, please contact us via email at to request an invoice.