Entry routes and subscription plans

CGMA Finance Leadership Program entry routes and subscription plans


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Entry routes and subscription plans for finance professionals

Entry Routes

The CGMA® Finance Leadership Program features three levels, encompassing all the critical business competencies, from the fundamental business principles to the most advanced topics. The entry route for finance professionals is based on their previous educational background and the CPA’s have the option to start their journey at the Strategic Level.

The Operational level introduces essential business concepts and provides a strong foundation in the technical skills in finance and accounting. This takes roughly three years to complete. Entry route for:

  • Associate’s degree holders in accounting, finance or business
  • Bachelor’s degree holders or above in any field of study other than accounting or finance

The Management level builds on these core skills and business acumen, with more advanced concepts, tools and frameworks. This takes roughly two years to complete. Entry route for:

  • Bachelor’s degree holders or above in accounting or finance

The Strategic level completes your professional skill set, with new insights and a valuable toolkit to help you lead at the enterprise level. This takes roughly one year to complete. Special entry:

  • US CPAs have the option to skip straight to the CGMA Strategic Level Case Study Exam

After completion of the learning on each level candidates are required to pass a case study exam designed to test your mastery of the critical competencies in a real-world scenario. After passing the Strategic Case Study Exam candidates are eligible to apply for your CGMA designation.

Subscription Plans for finance professionals

No matter how critical learning is to your future career, the reality is that you have to balance it against other priorities like friends, family, and your current job. The CGMA Finance Leadership Program is designed with this in mind.

  • The program is offered through annual subscriptions, giving you flexibility to pace your learning throughout an entire year. Learn when you are able to, and put it temporarily aside when you need to! 

  • The body of knowledge is divided into three sections, and which levels you skip and which ones you learn are based on your prior education and credentials. This way you only spend time learning what you don’t already know!

Each annual subscription includes access to all of the learning material, credits to take the case study exams, a case study review course, and complimentary membership to the AICPA.  

As a general guideline, we suggest one year of access per level of study to allow adequate time.

If you start at the You will learn So we suggest For only 
Operational level All 3 levels A 3-year subscription $4,795
A savings of 36% off of the annual price!
Management level 2 levels A 2-year subscription $3,695
A savings of 24% off of the annual price!
Strategic level 1 level  A 1-year subscription $2,495


Entry routes and subscription plans for CPAs - AICPA member pricing

As a CPA and a member of the AICPA, you have an expedited pathway to obtain the CGMA designation, but you still need to master technical finance and accounting skills, understand advanced business concepts and demonstrate strategic leadership abilities. The CGMA Finance Leadership Program was created to help you develop competencies in these areas, and ultimately become a better business leader.

CGMA Strategic Case Study Exam - $495

Because of the specific technical knowledge gained as a CPA, candidates have the option to skip the learning and complete the Strategic Level Case Study Exam. 

  • Includes one free retake within subscription period

CGMA Case Study Exam Review Course package - $795

The Strategic Level Case Study Exam is a difficult test that requires candidates to understand the complexities of case study scenario-based questions. This option gives the candidate two exam credits AND access to a case study review course to bolster the CPAs knowledge before the exam.

  • Strategic level exam review course
  • CGMA Strategic Case Study Exam fee — includes one free retake within subscription period

CGMA Finance Leadership Program Strategic Level Package - $1,895

The Strategic level includes a breadth of training that goes beyond just technical finance and accounting, and therefore is highly suggested for all CPAs to complete.

  • CGMA Strategic Case Study Exam fee — includes one free retake within subscription period
  • Strategic level exam review course
  • Access to CGMA Finance Leadership Program Strategic level learning

CGMA Finance Leadership Program All Access - 1 year: $2,495  

The complete program gives the CPA candidate not only the review course and exam credits, but also complete access to all three levels of the CGMA Finance Leadership Program.

  • Access to all 3 learning levels: Strategic, Management and Operational
  • All review courses for required exams
  • One free retake within subscription period

Cost of the Designation

Cost to maintain CGMA® designation Once you pass the CGMA exam and meet the practical experience requirements, you must submit a CGMA designation application and pay the respective designation fee.

  • AICPA members who belong to a state society
    Annual dues: $140
  • AICPA members who do not belong to a state society
    Annual dues: $190

Maintaining the Designation

To maintain your CGMA designation, you must remain a member of the AICPA in good standing and pay the annual fee for the designation.

Continuing professional education (CPE) is required for CPAs to maintain their professional competence and provide quality professional services.  You are responsible for complying with all applicable CPE requirements, rules and regulations of state boards of accountancy, as well as those of the AICPA. 

There are no additional requirements for CGMA designation holders.  Learn more about the relevance and value of continuing professional development here.

Applying for the Designation

If you’ve passed the CGMA exam and meet the practical experience requirements, the final step in becoming a CGMA designation holder is to submit your application and pay the respective designation fee. 

Please visit the designation application page for more information and to apply today.

As a non-profit organization, we have purposefully priced the CGMA Finance Leadership Program to be accessible to everyone, and to be roughly in line with most company training reimbursement policies.

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