CGMA Practice Exam

This is your opportunity to get hands-on experience with the CGMA strategic case study exam. Take the practice exam to familiarize yourself with the unique format and functionality of the exam.

Prior to taking the practice exam, you should download the sample advance (or “pre-seen”) material.  These documents illustrate the nature of the materials that will be available to test-takers prior to the exam. Due to system constraints, the practice exam module does not contain all of the pre-seen material. Therefore, candidates will need to reference the PDF during the practice exam. During the live exam, all pre-seen material will be accessible within the exam environment.

Download the pre-seen reference material for the practice exam here.  Please note: the PDF is a compilation of 14 different resources. During the real CGMA exam, all reference material will be provided in separate documents.

Practice exam answers are available for download. The answers provide example tactics and responses from a high-performing candidate. Other responses and approaches could be equally valid.

Please note that responses on the practice exam will not be marked or saved.

Since answers will not be saved, it is recommended you copy and save your practice exam answers to your computer to compare with the answer document.

Please note, functions omitted in the practice exam are:

  • On-screen calculator
  • Scratch pad for making notes
  • Shuffling the position of questions
  • Full access to pre-seen materials