As a part of the Association of International Certified Professional Accountants' effort to promote and advance the CGMA designation we are offering a unique opportunity for faculty to review and update former CGMA exam case studies. Once updated, the case may be submitted for publication under the new authors’ name. These case studies will also serve as an important resource to professors who want to engage their students through case studies.

The case studies available to be rewritten are operational, management and strategic level case studies previously used as CGMA case study exams throughout the world. In addition to bringing the case studies up to the new CGMA syllabus standards, you must revise and update a significant portion of the case study (change numbers/dates, etc. and substantially change the body of the case). In addition to changing the case, you must also create teaching notes both for this program and to be eligible for publication submission to a journal of your choice.

If you are interested in participating in this initiative, please follow the case study assignment and submission process detailed below.

If you have any questions, please email

Assignment and Submission Process

Selecting a Case Study

The overview of available case studies below includes a summary of the case study, the appropriate level (Operational, Management, Strategic), the setting/industry for the case study and the competencies as related to the old CGMA syllabus.

If you would like to see a case study in its entirety, please email If you chose to view any case study in more detail, you must let us know within two weeks whether you intend to update it.

In order to be assigned a case study, you must complete a request form. This form includes contact information as well as a section to indicate how you plan to update the original case study. All completed forms should be emailed to

You will be notified of your selected case study via e-mail. Only one case study will be assigned to a participant at a time, and will be issued on a first come, first serve basis. The request form also includes an option for you to choose a second case study. This will provide an option if the case you chose is already assigned.

Should you decide that you would like to confer with a practitioner in the case industry setting the Association will make every attempt to find a practitioner at your request.

Proof of Progress

Around eight weeks after you have been assigned a case, proof of progress must be shown that progress is being made towards updating your assigned case study. If you fail to show proof of progress around the eight-week mark the Association reserves the right to revoke the assigned case study and provide it to another participant.

If a case study is revoked, it will go back into the pool of available case studies.

Final Submission

All updated case studies are due to the Association within 16 weeks of receiving the assigned case study. In addition to your revised case, you must submit a summary clearly linking your revisions to the CIMA syllabus. Final submissions should be sent to Any time after this you may submit the case for publication to the journal of your choice under your name. The Association only requests that you provide an acknowledgement. The Association can provide sample wording if desired.