Welcome to the Academic Champions private website. This page will give you access to resources, presentations and more! We are happy to support you in the success of our future CGMA designation holders.

About the Program

The Academic Champion program is designed to provide engaged and influential faculty with the resources needed to foster a “CGMA Culture,” on campus. This culture, paired with student involvement, creates an environment where students considering the CGMA designation feel supported and encouraged. You will be provided custom resources and event funding to connect with students to drive them towards the CGMA designation.

This is a pilot program. Resources, processes and details may change throughout the year.

How to become an Academic Champion

The Academic Champion breakfast is the starting point to identifying who will serve in this role. In the coming weeks, we will ask you to complete a short application to confirm your place as an Academic Champion. This is merely a formality, as your university and CIMA country manager team have been involved in the selection process. Once your application is approved you will gain access to additional resources and event funding.

Academic Champion Responsibilities

  • Increase student awareness of resources available
  • Promote a “CGMA Culture” on campus
  • Hold two campus events per academic year where students may interact with CGMA Designation holders
  • Interact with your country manager on events, informational sessions and classroom visits

Awareness Resources

Business Games

Contact Us

Email our CGMA academic partner and academic champion team at