We are working with and provide resources to universities around the world about the value of a career in management accounting and the benefits of CGMA, such as leadership skills, higher salaries and increased core business competencies. By providing these resources to accounting and finance faculty globally, we will foster innovative business and academic-valued solutions through consultation, partnerships, best practices, policies and training.


Academic partners receive key resources to aide in counseling students about careers in management accounting.

Awareness materials

Business Games

Professional Development

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CGMA Academic Champions Program

The CGMA Academic Champions Program is a community of management accounting academics who receive resources and support through the Association of International Certified Professional Accountants. Champions have access to a rich array of customized exam materials, syllabus overviews, and student content, along with invitations to exclusive meetings and events that discuss new CGMA initiatives.To learn more about the community or to sign up, click here.

CIMA Academic Partner Excellence Awards

The Global CGMA University and Academic Center of Excellence (COE) launched the CIMA Academic Partner Excellence Awards in 2020 to recognize Academic Partners who have worked tirelessly to equip CIMA-qualified graduates and students for future-ready careers. 

To learn more about the awards program, click here.

CGMA Finance Leadership Program for university partners

  • Integrate the Finance Leadership Program into the university curriculum as pre or post assignments – find out how
  • Request for partnership on the Finance Leadership Program and enquire about special offer to university students:

Expedited pathway to CGMA for university academics

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