We are working with universities around the world to help drive the future of the CGMA designation. By providing resources for accounting and finance faculty globally we will foster innovative business and academic-valued solutions through consultation, partnerships, best practices, policies and training. Faculty will be equipped with the information necessary to raise awareness of CGMA to their students.

Academic partners receive key resources to aide in counseling students about careers in management accounting. These resources include:

  • Business games
  • Regular CGMA updates
  • Career awareness materials

Academic partners also may receive the below resources and services to increase their understanding of the CGMA designation:

  • Global current events – put into perspective for academics to use in the classroom.
  • Thought leadership – our latest releases made relevant for academics.
  • Expedited pathway – an option for academics to become CGMAs.
  • Webinars – developed for academics to learn best practices, such as how to teach CGMA mini cases.


Below is a list of the resources currently available to our academic partners.

Awareness materials

Business Games

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