Established in 1919, CIMA is the world’s leading and most respected management accountancy body, with members and students in 177 countries. The designation is founded on the CIMA syllabus and AICPA and CIMA are committed to our CGMA designation holders having the competencies relevant to today’s business environment.

The 2015 CIMA Professional Qualification Syllabus

CIMA has worked with leading global businesses to understand what competencies they require to drive better business. The result of this research is a competency framework which shows the skills and competencies accounting and finance professionals need to help drive the success of their organisation. CIMA’s 2015 syllabus is competency based – designed to equip CGMA professionals with the competencies businesses need.

We have also changed the way we assess the competencies, to take advantage of improvements in technology, its role in educating the younger generation and to reflect the changes in the workplace. CIMA is the first global accountancy body to pioneer a combination of computerised assessments to examine our syllabus. Each subject will be assessed not only by an objective test, but also by an integrated case study which combines the knowledge and learning across the three pillars at each level of the syllabus.

Starting in January 2015 all CGMAs, no matter whether they followed the AICPA or the CIMA route, will undertake the same, strategic case study exam and practical experience requirements to become CGMA designation holders. For CIMA students, this is the final case study exam of the CIMA qualification.

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Exams and assessment will remain under the 2010 Professional Qualification syllabus until the end of November 2014.  For more information on this, click here.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

CGMA designation holders continuously sharpen their business acumen through Continuing Professional Development (CPD). This ensures that management accounting skills, tools and techniques of CGMA holders are up to date.

Building better business through management accounting

The CGMA competency framework is designed to help CGMA designation holders and their employers assess the skills that accounting and finance professionals need. For more information on the syllabus and competency framework, review Building better business through management accounting.