Stand out in the business world: Become a CGMA Champion   
CGMA Champions are AICPA members who are enthusiastic about the CGMA Program and the impact it can make in the business world.  CGMA Champions will enhance their role as a management accounting expert by:
  • Applying technical, leadership, business and people skills
  • Connecting with like-minded individuals
  • Being ambassadors for the CGMA designation
Those chosen to become CGMA Champions will be given complimentary access to the CGMA Program including multiple learning and exam-prep resources, exam fee, and member dues for the first year.  While completing the CGMA Program and thereafter, CGMA Champions may have the opportunity to be recognized by AICPA through sharing their expertise and being leaders of the designation in the marketplace. 

CGMA Champions will be supporting the AICPA in achieving key objectives such as building awareness of the CGMA Program and designation, helping to increase the number of CGMA Program participants, and sharing the value of the CGMA designation with other members of the profession, including employers.

In order to achieve these objectives, CGMA Champions are responsible for engaging in activities that promote the CGMA Program and designation.  As a Champion, you may choose from the following list of activities, or work with the AICPA team to identify other activities:
  • Social Media - Participate in CGMA social media activities. This may include writing or sharing posts about the CGMA Program and designation on your own social media channels or leading a discussion on the CGMA LinkedIn Discussion group
  • Testimonials - Provide written or recorded testimonials for the CGMA Program, exam and designation
  • Reviews - Give ratings and feedback on products and member benefit resources on, and other AICPA web properties
  • Events - Attend an event on behalf of CGMA such as representing at your organization or state society office or representing CGMA at a table/booth at a conference
  • Market Research - Participate in AICPA market research efforts such as surveys and focus groups, as well as share any general feedback on CGMA.
  • Referrals – Promote CGMA and refer eligible colleagues to the CGMA Program by providing AICPA with the names and contact information
  • Support future CGMA Candidates -  Guide peers through the CGMA Program and exam process, or host a CGMA Program study group in your office or state society
Based on your level of engagement and participation, you may also be selected by the AICPA for one or more of the following activities:
  • Interview and Profile - Interview for an article in an AICPA publication or newsletter, or be profiled in other CGMA promotional activities, including video or photos
  • Web Events – Lead or participate in podcasts, webinars or webcasts organized by AICPA that inform members about CGMA or guide other CGMA candidates
  • Presentations – Speak at an event on behalf of CGMA such as presenting at a conference, speaking at your state society, hosting the CGMA Business Game, or speaking at a university
  • Mentor – AICPA will recognize you as a CGMA Mentor, and assign future candidates for you to lead through the process of becoming a CGMA
In addition to the above opportunities, all CGMA Champions are expected to use the CGMA designatory letters where applicable (e.g. LinkedIn profile, business cards, email signature, etc.), and to join CGMA social media channels.

CGMA Champions will receive complimentary access to the CGMA Program. This includes 12-month access to the following learning resources:
CGMA Champions also will be provided the following materials to help them through the Program:
  • CGMA Champion Welcome Kit
  • CGMA Handbook - detailed information about the CGMA program, exam and process
  • CGMA Exam Guide Book - overview of the CGMA Exam including a practice example (a $39 value)
CGMA Champions will receive waivers for the CGMA exam and member dues fees:  
  • The registration fee for the CGMA exam waived (a $325 value)  
  • First year dues as a CGMA waived (a $150 value)  
These resources and benefits are valued at over $2,000.


To apply, complete the form below and click the “Submit” button.

Applications will be accepted for the 2017 CGMA Champion program September 1, 2016 – July 31, 2017.  Applications take one to two weeks to be processed.  If accepted, you will receive notice from AICPA either via phone or email within that time frame.

Special Note: You must be a regular, voting member of the AICPA to be eligible to be a CGMA Champion.

*If you are not yet a regular member of the AICPA, please contact the AICPA member service center to become a member.  If you are unsure about your membership status, a Member Service advisor can confirm if you have a previous or current membership.  Once you have established your membership, complete the form below.

Member Service Center:

P: 888.777.7077
F: 800.362.5066