Performance management

Project charter for finance professionals

August 16 at 12:00 PM EST / 5:00 PM GMT
Attend this webcast to learn how accountants can contribute to the development of strong project charters that ensure strong ROI on their organization’s project portfolio investments.

Financial planning and analysis conference

July 19-21, 2017. Las Vegas, Nevada
This conference will feature leading experts who will help you expand your financial and analytical skills, with key strategies and advanced techniques necessary for future success.

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How to get better feedback

Elizabeth Grace Saunders outlines a few key ways to determine whether it’s a good time to seek feedback.

Michael Lewis’s argument for laziness

Bestselling author Michael Lewis has a theory on success: Cherish leisure. By embracing an attitude that emphasises a kind of laziness, Lewis has found he can focus his efforts where they matter.

How incentive pay can go wrong

Employees seem to like pay-for-performance incentive systems, researchers Chidiebere Ogbonnaya, Kevin Daniels, and Karina Nielsen write for Harvard Business Review.

Rethinking the value chain

Today, organisations’ value chains - the series of steps they take to deliver their products or services - include a multitude of business relationships which impact the bottom line.