People and leadership skills

How to get better feedback

Elizabeth Grace Saunders outlines a few key ways to determine whether it’s a good time to seek feedback.

How to teach employees to teach themselves

Training teams in new competencies seems like common sense, but “in practice, there never seems to be enough money or time,” Elizabeth Doty writes for Strategy + Business.

CFO of the future: Looking beyond the numbers

As the role of the CFO evolves, emotional intelligence, or EI, is becoming a vital leadership skill. These tips can help CFOs use EI to complement their greater influence in setting an organisation’s strategy.

How to care more

The piece cites research that connects leaders’ displays of concern and understanding with positive impacts on satisfaction and engagement.

Competency and Learning

The AICPA l CIMA Competency and Learning website is a professional learning and development experience built for CGMA designation holders.

1,000 cover letters’ worth of advice

Jeff Kauflin read 1,000 cover letters when he led recruiting at a marketing company. Now a staff writer for Forbes, he recently shared what his favourite cover letters contained.

Managing responsible business

Organisations are facing more risk than ever, whilst under public scrutiny, to manage their business responsibly. Here's a collection of CGMA resources for how to address the major gaps facing organisational ethics.

Millennial talent strategy for CFOs

Millennials bring new talents and priorities to organisations. Our experts share how experienced finance leaders can best work with these innovative and confident employees.

How to prep for a post-Brexit talent pipeline

Britain’s withdrawal from the EU would reduce the talent pool available to UK organisations. Here are four questions leaders should ask to assess their organisation’s needs and build a robust talent pipeline.

5 tips to ease CFOs’ worst worries

Worries about people they work with cause CFOs more sleepless hours than cybersecurity threats or customer complaints – regardless of where in the world they lie awake.