People and leadership skills

How to cope with on-the-job annoyances

Dealing with a co-worker who is too loud or an office that is too cold are common obstacles facing workers. Taking steps to defuse potentially troublesome conflicts can help offices run more smoothly.

CFOs keen on employee development

Retention, regulation, and reputation are three topics squarely in the minds of CFOs as they place more emphasis on employee training.

Balance, flexibility and success: A CGMA perspective

Amy Vetter, CPA, CITP, CGMA, is global vice president for education and learning and head of accounting for Xero, a cloud-based accounting software provider. She oversees employees across the globe and travels extensively, meeting with customers and speaking at conferences. She is married and has two school-age children. She also

Mastering the language of business: A CGMA's perspective

Hubert Glover’s evolutionary path, like his favorite animal the giraffe, lent him the ability to attain entrepreneurial heights out of reach to others who may only possess the technical skills of an accounting education.

Salsa, scenery, and the CGMA

Bikram Sachdeva loves salsa and bachata dancing. You might also find him capturing landscapes, skyscapes, and nature scenes with his camera during travels to Senegal, Ghana, Tanzania, Mongolia, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Jordan—countries where he’s monitored over $ 1.5 billion portfolio of projects.

Passion for performance: A CGMA’s perspective

Lindsey Branston, CPA, CGMA, is director of financial operations for the 70,000-member BMW Car Club of America and director of finance for the club’s charitable foundation in Greenville, S.C.

Lifelong learning and leadership: A CFO perspective

From humble beginnings, Yousef Awwad, CPA, CGMA, worked hard and committed himself to education. Today, he is CFO of Portland Public Schools in Oregon, managing an annual operating budget approaching 1.2 billion.

Management Accounting for a healthy bottom line

Shan Staka lives half a world away from the Albanian farm where he grew up, but it's very present in his life. Respect for creatures big and small is a guiding principle for Staka, a CPA, CGMA and CFO at Western Foods.

Member profile: Rebecca McNeil, CPA, CGMA

Right and left brain play together wonderfully in Rebecca McNeil's life. The CPA, CGMA and CFO of The Arts Finance Cohort in Pittsburgh plays clarinet - in a community band, woodwind ensemble and folk group.

AICPA Controllers conference

This event addresses the responsibilities shared by controllers, across industries nationwide, for a learning experience that targets your specific goals and interests.

AICPA Women's global leadership online summit

The objective of this conference is to focus on leadership, boardroom diversity, and best practices to enhance the skills and potential of women leaders within the financial community.