Governance and risk

The 5 habits of top risk managers

Top-performing companies in risk management are more likely to project revenue and profit growth, according to a PwC report that offers steps for organisations to better embed strategy into risk management practices.

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3 steps toward a more effective board

Corporate boards’ scope of responsibilities continues to broaden, and directors’ confidence that they have what it takes to tackle the challenges is lagging.

Risk and innovation

This comprehensive roundup of the latest thinking, tools, reports, and best practices in risk and innovation will help you navigate this critical space.

6 disruptive forces for boards to tackle

The EY Center for Board Matters and the WomenCorporateDirectors Foundation list six change factors boards should focus on to help them address technological advances, geopolitical developments, and a changing workforce.

Why ‘complete ERM’ is a myth

Risk management initiatives must evolve as an organisation’s risk exposures change. These days, all entities are taking a harder look at how they manage risk, according to an annual survey.

Rethinking the value chain

Today, organisations’ value chains - the series of steps they take to deliver their products or services - include a multitude of business relationships which impact the bottom line.

Do you really know who you are paying?

Fraud in the procurement-to-pay process is very common and extremely difficult to detect. Here are seven steps small- and medium-size companies can take to identify it or prevent it from happening.

Navigating the risk landscape

The risk landscape is evolving and becoming more complex. To build risk resilience within organisations, business leaders and finance must take an integrated view of risk and develop a strong risk culture.