Future of finance

CFO of the future: Looking beyond the numbers

As the role of the CFO evolves, emotional intelligence, or EI, is becoming a vital leadership skill. These tips can help CFOs use EI to complement their greater influence in setting an organisation’s strategy.

Rethinking the value chain

Today, organisations’ value chains - the series of steps they take to deliver their products or services - include a multitude of business relationships which impact the bottom line.

Why CFOs are embracing technology as never before

Tech-savvy finance chiefs are becoming advocates for digital initiatives because they’re more comfortable with technology, they see quicker paths to value, and they see career value in understanding technology.

AICPA CFO Conference

This yearly event brings together corporate leaders from organizations of all sizes, examining the economic, political and executive challenges faced by your peer group.

Finance business partnering

A collection of CGMA resources for accounting and finance professionals on how to extend their role to include finance business partnering.

What makes a CFO great

Corporate finance leaders who want to do a great job shaping strategy and driving innovation necessary for sustainable growth face four main challenges. Here’s how they can tackle them.

Skills worthy of a CFO

In addition to the traditional finance and compliance roles, CFOs are seeing their duties expand to include responsibilities in IT, human resources, and risk management.

Proposal would clear path to US CPA for foreign credential holders

Changes proposed this month to the Uniform Accountancy Act (UAA) and the Uniform CPA Examination Model Rules in the US are designed to help holders of qualified foreign designations apply for state licensure as a CPA and support the updated Uniform CPA Examination.