Ethics and responsible business

Organisations are facing more risk than ever, whilst under public scrutiny, to manage their business responsibly. Here's a collection of CGMA resources for how to address the major gaps facing organisational ethics.

Internal trust: Building alliances from within

This paper explores the subject of trust within an organisation: what creates blocks to internal trust, the implications of such blocks and how to create structures that encourage stronger relationships.

Joining the dots: Alexander Visser

As the CFO of diversified technology company Philips in Africa, Alexander Visser speaks of how they address ensuring the right information is gathered and communicated to the relevant people in the organisation.

Joining the dots: Arvind Prasad

As the Managing Director at Ushdev International Limited, one of India’s largest companies, Arvind Prasad speaks about improving the decision-making process in the organisation.

Joining the dots: Mark Weinberger

Mark Weinberger, Global Chairman and CEO of EY, speaks about the decision-making approach at EY, one of the world’s largest professional services organisations.

Joining the dots

Our research provides solutions to help you join the dots in your organisation, connecting the most relevant information and people from across the organisation when making decisions.

Legendary performance at 'America's most convenient bank'

TD Bank Head of U.S. Strategy & Corporate Development  Paul Young's drive and strategic agility have enabled him to excel in diverse finance and management accounting roles and drive legendary customer and employee experiences.

CGMA insights: Managing an open workforce

Nick Read is Group CFO for UK-headquartered telecommunications multinational Vodafone. Mr Read outlines some of the challenges facing the organisation as it moves to a more open workforce.