Tomorrow's leadership

There has been an unprecedented change in the demands of leadership over the last 10 – 15 years.

This has been created by social and technological change, by globalisation and by the growing concern for the future of our planet. 

The context in which companies now operate is the triple context – where future and enduring business success will rely on understanding and responding to the links between the economic, social and environmental sub-systems on which we all depend, and the opportunities this brings. 

Leaders are required who put first the true stakeholders of their organisations (customers, employees, suppliers, the community, the planet, and the shareholders), rather than putting first personal reward personal power for control and personal prestige.

This report sets out a journey towards the type of leadership that is better fit for this future – ‘transpersonal; leadership’. Transpersonal leadership is the development of a leader beyond their personal ego to instead fully consider and act on the needs of all stakeholders. They must be transpersonal by thinking beyond their ego and be Radical, Ethical and Authentic Leaders. 

In most organisations, leadership is the highest priority ‘elephant in the room’ – whether in the board room or the call centre, the warehouse or the reception, the way in which people are led matters. In the well-known survey ‘100 Best Companies to Work For’ good leadership is the most important characteristic of a high performing company.

The problem is that most leaders in most organisations are not aware of how their behaviour and how they deal with other people affects their own performance, that of the people they are dealing with, and ultimately the performance of the organisation.

This report outlines the steps in the journey towards becoming a transpersonal leader.