Redressing the balance

How management accountants drive sustainable corporate strategies

Sustainability issues affect all organisations regardless of size, presenting significant new risks as well as potential opportunities.
The challenge for organisations is how to adapt their strategies, business models and practices to respond to social and environmental challenges while creating financial success and value for shareholders. 
New CGMA research shows that management accountants are poised to help their companies develop more sustainable business practices, but they frequently lack the mandate to do so.
Based on a global survey of CGMAs the report explores their views and involvement in corporate sustainability, in particular integrating relevant environmental and social factors into the information and analysis they give decision makers.
The report includes a useful guide on the four key ways that CGMAs can influence sustainable decisions. This guide will help both management accountants and business leaders understand their unique contribution to sustainable success.

Role of CGMAs in sustainable value creation

The report identifies four key ways that CGMAs can influence sustainable decisions:

Survey results