Addressing the employability crisis

Across the world there is a crisis in employability. 

Despite widespread unemployment, many employers are struggling to recruit people with the skills they need to grow their business and enable the economy to recover. 

As business becomes more complex, there is increasing demand for the most talented individuals. However, far too many people are being left behind without the skills they need to gain a rewarding and sustainable career. 

In addition, the sheer pace of technological developments, forces of globalisation and changing demographics mean the skill sets people and business require change constantly. Both people and organisations need to continually adapt to survive. 

The solution? Employers, educators, students, employees and government must commit to working together to ensure the workforce has the skills business really needs, today and for the future. 

This report sets out how stakeholders must work together in resolving the employability crisis, and shows how we have worked with stakeholders around the world to ensure CGMA designation holders have the knowledge, skills and competencies employers need.