Global Management Accounting Principles

About the Principles


Management accounting is the sourcing, analysis, communication and use of decision-relevant financial and non-financial information to generate and preserve value for organisations. The Principles guide best practice.

An effective management accounting function

All organisations share an ambition to be successful over time. Successful organisations have effective management accounting functions. It is the combination of competent people, clear Principles, well managed performance and robust practices that make a management accounting function effective.


The principles

The four Global Management Accounting Principles© should be considered continuously rather than sequentially. Three of the Principles apply to the discipline of management accounting and the fourth, ‘Stewardship builds trust’, applies to the individual behaviours of management accounting professionals.

Communication provides insight that is influential

  • Strategy development and execution is a conversation
  • Communication is tailored
  • Communication facilitates better decisions

Information is relevant

  • Information is the best available
  • Information is reliable and accessible
  • Information is contextual

Impact on value is analysed

  • Simulations provide insight into options
  • Actions are prioritised by their impact on outcomes

Stewardship builds trust

  • Accountability and credibility
  • Sustainability
  • Integrity and ethics

The Principles

Executive Summary

The Principles are a result of research across 20 countries, spanning five continents. This included a 90-day public consultation in which more than 400 people participated.

Public as well as private sector representation has been included so that the Principles have universal applicability.

To find out more about the consultation period and how feedback and suggestions were incorporated into the final Principles:

Global Management Accounting Principles white paper

Consultation responses (74 pages)