How to cope with on-the-job annoyances

Dealing with a co-worker who is too loud or an office that is too cold are common obstacles facing workers. Taking steps to defuse potentially troublesome conflicts can help offices run more smoothly.

Terrorism risks: How to prepare

Data show that terrorism risk around the world is rising. Organisations should be vigilant in scanning the horizon for threats and updating plans to address terror concerns.

CFOs keen on employee development

Retention, regulation, and reputation are three topics squarely in the minds of CFOs as they place more emphasis on employee training.

What does the agile finance function look like?

For a business to be robust in the face of disruption, it needs to be agile. Peter Simons, FCMA, CGMA, looks at how the finance function is changing to support and encourage that agility.

A CFO job for adrenaline junkies

Being the CFO at a fast-growing start-up can be addictive. David Lee, FCMA, CGMA, who left a British multinational conglomerate to work with tech start-ups nine years ago, explains why.