Traits of today’s CFO: A handbook for excelling in an evolving role

In your role as a leader of your organisation’s finance function, you may be so focused on your to-do lists, tasks, and deadlines that you forget to take time to look at the big picture. The Traits of Today’s CFO: A Handbook for Excelling in an Evolving Role presents a global view of the direction in which the CFO’s role is heading and shows you how to gain the leading edge.

Of particular importance in the contemporary CFO’s role is gaining a mix of knowledge and experience—both  technical skill-sets and demonstrable business and management competencies. These competencies include acting as an successful collaborator, consultant, communicator, and strategic leader. By isolating the critical skills that CFOs need to be effective, this book can help you move beyond your comfort zone and into a leadership role within your organisation.

The book provides direction on many proficiencies, including:

  • developing into a powerful coach for your organisation
  • enhancing governance inside your organisation without the need to establish new or stronger policies
  • applying specific strategies that foster individual accountability
  • explaining to your team how the world of accounting is changing.