Strategic business management: From planning to performance

Planning, budgeting, and operations assessment are directly linked to future performance.  While measured performance provides managers with the key information necessary to steer an organisation to success. This publication uses detailed graphics and diagrams to provide you with a clear understanding of the dynamic intersection between key management and organisation leadership topics that management accountants need to master in order to fill a strategic leadership role within their organisations.

Presenting core theories alongside practical applications, this publication will help you effectively move your organisation toward strategic goals. Author Gary Cokins uses his deep knowledge of the subject matter to deliver an easy-to-follow road map to effective and strategic management through
 •establishing the integral links between planning and performance
 •demonstrating how risk management and performance assessment impact planning
 •evaluating the effectiveness of the balanced scorecard as a management tool
 •tying budgeting to strategy and measuring the effectiveness of both via ongoing performance

Written in a plain, straight-forward fashion that will allow you to draw immediate value from its content, this book pulls together several topics in an elegant, yet sophisticated approach, suitable for experienced and new managers alike. Strategic Business Management: From Planning to Performance is a must-have resource in any financial manager’s office library.