Marketing management for non-marketing managers

Although marketing-related expenses are a significant portion of most organisations’ budgets, many managers with budget oversight responsibilities are frustrated because they can’t effectively evaluate the returns on their marketing investments or because they aren’t satisfied with the results the investments are generating. Marketing management for non-marketing managers: Improving returns on marketing investments offers solutions for executives who want to measure and improve their marketing returns.

Marketing Management for Non-Marketing Managers is filled with engaging examples drawn from the author’s extensive experience, the book reviews the three reasons most plans fail to live up to their potential—and provides practical advice to executives who want to improve and measure their marketing returns.

In this publication, non-marketing executives and managers will learn:
  • Why market leaders generally spend the same percentage of their budget on marketing as other organisations, but drive significantly greater returns on those investments;
  • How to evaluate whether or not marketing investments are likely to deliver the outcomes required to meet business objectives;
  • When and how to assess the financial returns from marketing investments;
  • Why well-constructed marketing plans can still fail to produce returns;
  • How to prevent those failures from occurring; and
  • How well your own organisation is performing in the management of its marketing investments.
The book includes:
  • Case studies from organisations of various sizes and in a cross-section of industries, including not-for-profits;
  • Four tests for executives and managers with budget oversight to use prior to the approval of a marketing budget; and
  • A marketing performance evaluation tool to assess your organisation’s marketing management competence.