Improve your leadership effectiveness by looking ahead

This course is designed to give you a global view of the current and future roles of the Key Financial Strategist or KFS, and by extension, the Controller. (We will refer to the KFS and Controller by the term KFS throughout this course.) You will learn coaching leadership strategies that will help you keep your organization moving forward with speed, flexibility, and innovation while avoiding missteps that can lead you to embrace the obsolete and ineffective method of command-and-control leadership. You will learn techniques to move you to the role of coach first and manager second.


  • Redefine the role you must play to benefit your employer.
  • Summarize the evolving profession through recent survey and research results.
  • Apply the critical skills that you will need to be effective in the future.
  • Demonstrate the key attitudes that will benefit you and your organization in the future.
  • Interpret the most important changes in accounting that you must begin to address.