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How to transform your tech team into strategic partners 

With the advent of cloud computing and a move to outsourcing IT duties or entire departments, the question of an internal IT department's value is a valid one. Technology previously owned only by large companies is now available to everyone. Having the technology is no longer a competitive advantage; the value is in how technology supports an organization's mission. So, how does IT go from a systems-and-networks role to one of more value? This webcast will provide you with questions for the chief information officer or IT service providers to help IT take a broader role in the business, taking on a leadership rather than compliance role. Suggestions for corrective actions are also provided for times when you're not getting the right answers.

Learning Objectives:
  • Learn to evaluate your IT function's alignment with your business strategy
  • Learn how your IT budget reflects the role of IT in your organization
  • Learn strategies to balance internal versus outsourced (including cloud) IT

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