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CGMA case study: Navigating ethical issues 

May 30 2012

This hypothetical case study highlights the issues related to non-disclosure at the corporate level that come to the attention of non-executive financial managers and controllers.

It focuses on the issues surrounding the discovery reporting and resolution of disclosure issues created by the actions of other employees or executive officers or directors.

In this case study, you’re the corporate controller  for a large public company, making decisions that will not only affect your future, but the future of many others.

This case study looks at issues of integrity, objectivity, confidentiality, internal accounting controls, and procedures for investigating and reporting irregularities.

The information in this CGMA case study was adapted from Corporate Ethics for Financial Mangers: Navigating with Case Studies and Practical Solutions, by Robert W. Walter, Copyright © 2003 American Institute of CPAs. All rights reserved.

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