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Building resilience: an introduction to business models  

Building resilience: an introduction to business models 

August 06 2013

In today’s business environment it is more important than ever that organisations understand their business model, and are ready to adapt it to counter external threats.

This report looks at how business models function and the factors that contribute to their success and failure.  It explores examples of innovative business models disrupting their markets as well as business models which have failed. It also looks at how management accountants can help build business model resilience into strategic planning.

Our commercial environment is characterised by rapid change. New technologies are introduced, customer behaviours and desires shift with globalisation, supply and distribution chains mutate. And all at speeds unprecedented in economic history. This means that a business model which worked yesterday could fail tomorrow. 

With a holistic view of their organisation, management accountants are well placed to understand this link between the business model and commercial success.


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