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Resilient business models 

Resilient business models 

April 29 2013


How can business model analysis be used to improve business performance?

This collection of resources highlights the latest thinking on business model analysis.

While business strategy provides a roadmap for decision making, your business model defines your vehicle.

Understanding your business model helps you stay on course and make the right decisions for long term success. It can help you mitigate risks, find and eliminate inefficiencies, ensure you are investing in activities which create value for the future and avoid activities which destroy value.

Be sure to scroll down to see what’s available, and check back as we dive deeper into business models in the coming months.

Risk reports  


Building resilience: An introduction to business models
A look at the importance of understanding your business model and the ways in which management accountants can help build business model resilience into strategic planning.

Building world class businesses for the long term
What is the role of the company in society and how do you manage short-term and long-term thinking?

Business model briefings
This series of reports provide an overview of the latest thinking in business model analysis, as well as practical guidance for CGMA designation holders.

  • Briefing 1: What is a business model?
  • Briefing 2: What creates and drives value in your business?
  • Briefing 3: Innovative business models
  • Briefing 4: When business models go wrong
  • Briefing 5: Toughen up your business model

Sustainable business: shared value in practice
This in-depth report explores the concept of Shared Value creation and will be useful to CGMA designation holders working in organisations adopting more sustainable business practices.




Innovative business models
Gillian Lees, CIMA's Head of Governance, looks at some of the forces driving business model innovation at some of the world's leading companies.

Introduction to integrated reporting (<IR>)
CIMA’s <IR> specialist Nick Topazio discusses integrated reporting, a new approach to corporate reporting which places the business model at the heart of understanding how organisations create value.


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Minding your own
business model

Rebecca McCaffry looks at 'Building resilience: An introduction to business models'.


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