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Joining the dots 

High-quality decision making has never been more important or more difficult. Senior business leaders are striving to position their organisations to thrive in the short, medium and long term, but they are having to do so in an operating environment that is volatile and uncertain.

Our research has found a number of major flaws in companies’ decision making, which is costing them dearly. Based on a survey of 300 C-suite executives at major organisations around the world, it suggests that decision making in many businesses could be fundamentally improved.

As our key findings demonstrate, many companies are struggling to:

Overcome bureaucracy and achieve agile decision making
Build greater levels of trust and improve collaboration
Take a long-term view and define the right metrics
Turn huge volumes of data into strategic insight
Build the decision-making skills of senior leaders.

Download our report to learn how to address these decision-making challenges through integrated thinking and the Global Management Accounting Principles.

Full Report


Executive Summary


Interactive Tool


C-suite Podcast

Hear from Tony Manwaring, Executive Director, External Affairs, and Gillian Lees, Director of Governance and Risk Research at CIMA as they discuss the current state of strategic decision making.

Executive Perspectives

We spoke to leading senior executives about how they join the dots in their organisations. Their insights provide examples of how you can review and improve your organisational decision-making process.

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