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Combating corruption across the value chain 

Combating corruption across the value chain 

May 21 2014
There is a global demand for increased transparency in order to prevent corruption and improve fair and competitive conditions for business. As international efforts to combat corruption intensify, organisations must have effective internal compliance systems to increase transparency and reduce their own supply chain risks.

This joint report from Transparency International UK and CGMA highlights the legislative landscape in the UK, US and key emerging markets, including the intensification of international measures to combat corruption and the latest anti-corruption developments.

It also shows how CGMAs can ensure organisations have adequate procedures in place to counter the risk of bribery and corruption through steps such as:

  • Top level commitment
  • Risk assessment
  • Effective anti-bribery policies 
  • Due-diligence and procedures for third parties
  • Communication and training
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Collective action


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