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Business schools and organisations are bringing aspects of the arts into their talent development programmes. Judith Piggott and Louise Grisoni, who specialise in these trends at Oxford Brookes University Business School, explain how.

Published on March 10 2016

Dan Griffiths, CPA, CGMA, delves into the topic of emotional intelligence and offers insight into how strong emotional intelligence can help develop leadership skills and drive results.

Published on January 21 2016

Jack McCullough, CPA, founder of the CFO Leadership Council and the MIT Sloan CFO Summit, discusses the chief financial officer’s evolving role in managing innovation and risk.

Published on December 02 2015

Francis X. Ryan, CPA, CGMA, explains how to hone your presentation skills to better communicate financial information to colleagues from all parts of the organization.

Published on November 04 2015

Anne Giffels, CPA, director of income tax technology at tax services firm Ryan, provides tips on how accountants can successfully manage projects and become a change agents in their organisations.

Published on October 07 2015

Brett Knowles, the executive partner of PM2, discusses the rise of gamification in corporate strategy – and how accountants are playing a role.

Published on September 02 2015

David Livermore, president of the Cultural Intelligence Center, discusses the increasing importance of cultural intelligence amongst finance professionals and why CQ is more important today than it was just 20 years ago.

Published on July 29 2015

Mark Biersmith, CPA, CGMA, offers insight about the transition from CFO to CEO.

Published on July 09 2015

Tom Ridge, the former secretary of the US Department of Homeland Security, discusses cybersecurity and cyber-risk management.

Published on May 27 2015

Steve Bustin, the founder of Vada Media, shares tips on preparing and delivering a more engaging presentation. He discusses how finance professionals can tailor their message to communicate effectively with non-finance colleagues and how to overcome nerves when presenting.

Published on April 02 2015

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