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Finance executives in business and industry continued to express slightly lower confidence about their own businesses and about the US economy. Sentiment remains positive overall, according to a new survey.

Published on September 03 2015

Maintaining a strong outer defense to networks and systems may not be enough to protect an organization from data breaches. Cyber-security expert Sajay Rai, CPA, said organizations are adopting layered approaches to cyber-security, with more controls around the most sensitive information.

Published on August 27 2015

British voters have been promised their say on whether the country should remain part of the European Union in a referendum due to take place by the end of 2017.

Published on August 27 2015

Decision-makers still go with their gut in making business decisions, instead of relying on financial planning and analysis. According to research from CEB, FP&A data are sometimes misinterpreted and sometimes not even considered.

Published on August 26 2015

Internal auditors can play a pivotal role in managing technology risks ranging from cybersecurity to social media.

Published on August 26 2015

Seventy-eight per cent of workers say they would stay longer with employers if they had a defined career path, according to a survey by Mercer.

Published on August 25 2015

Bob Mims, CPA, CGMA, Ducks Unlimited’s controller and director of investments, discusses how a not-for-profit can create a successful strategic plan.

Published on August 21 2015

Average working capital performance has improved for the first time in five years, but there is still significant progress to be made. Listed companies around the world could release €950 billion from their balance sheets by making improvements in this area, according to a survey by PwC.

Published on August 19 2015

With less staff devoted to compliance, the top finance teams can spend more time and money on forward-looking duties.

Published on August 18 2015

A constantly expanding set of technological tools presents rapidly increasing opportunities for internal auditors to provide value to their organisations.

Published on August 18 2015

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