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Businesses of any size can run into intercompany accounting challenges. Here are the five biggest problems and strategies to tackle them.

Published on August 26 2016

Technology investment that doesn’t include a plan for regular, robust testing of backup power can be wasted money for organisations.

Published on August 24 2016

One of the most common types of fraud centers on expense reimbursements. Here are four ways small and mid-size companies can detect or prevent it from happening.

Published on August 23 2016

Companies are increasingly expecting outsourcing to do more than reduce costs. Meanwhile, third-party risk-reporting regulations are evolving. Here are five recommendations to better manage third-party assurance programmes.

Published on August 17 2016

Salary increases for US accounting and finance positions will continue to escalate in 2017 as employers wrestle with a shortage of qualified professionals, according to a new salary guide.

Published on August 11 2016

Career progression is top of mind for many management accountants, and the scope of a role and the prospects it holds for promotion are strong motivating factors for those considering their next move.

Published on August 10 2016

Former Olympian Sally Gunnell explores the lessons she learned from a career in elite athletics and how they can help professionals achieve their business goals.

Published on August 10 2016

US companies are increasingly likely to pay for employees’ efforts to gain and maintain professional certifications. Find out how to tap this corporate support for your accounting and finance career development.

Published on August 10 2016

Finance leaders offer suggestions for staying strong in these challenging times.

Published on August 09 2016

CIMA’s annual salary survey found that 94% of members around the world expect a pay rise in the coming year, of an average of 6%.

Published on August 03 2016

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