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New rules adopted by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) are designed to make it easier for smaller companies to gain access to capital.

Published on March 26 2015

Unlike the complicated chains of credit securitisation that helped trigger the global financial crisis eight years ago, today’s non-bank debt is straightforward, simple, and generally transparent, but its rapid rise poses some risks.

Published on March 25 2015

A majority of technology CFOs in a new survey have increased their spending on cyber-security, and a broader survey of finance executives shows increased concern about cyber-attacks.

Published on March 23 2015

Accounting and finance professionals said solving problems gives them the most career satisfaction, ahead of working with numbers, according to a new survey.

Published on March 20 2015

Organisations with strong leadership and talent management practices can increase revenue 2.2 times faster than those with weak talent development, a new global report says.

Published on March 18 2015

Additional changes to the converged revenue recognition standard will be proposed by the Financial Accounting Standards Board and International Accounting Standards Board.

Published on March 18 2015

Many internal audit functions will need to undergo a fundamental shift in the coming years to keep pace with changes at their organisations, according to a new survey report.

Published on March 17 2015

Fifty-five per cent of North American chief audit executives have been asked at least once to omit or modify an important audit finding, according to new research. Here’s how internal auditors can maintain their objectivity in the face of such pressure.

Published on March 17 2015

Finance has been slower to embrace the cloud than other business functions, particularly sales and operations. Here are five steps finance professionals can take to begin implementing the cloud.

Published on March 16 2015

The Financial Conduct Authority, a UK regulator, confirmed guidelines that advise financial firms how to do social media promotions. The guidelines aim to ensure that British consumers fully understand the potential benefits and risks of the promoted products or services.

Published on March 13 2015

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