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A joint working group formed by the Chinese Ministry of Finance and the IFRS Foundation is exploring ways to expand the use of IFRS within China, especially for Chinese companies that are internationally oriented.

Published on November 24 2015

The IRS announced additional rules designed to curtail the ability of an inverted company to access foreign subsidiaries’ earnings without paying U.S. tax.

Published on November 20 2015

Financial chiefs are more inclined to spend on research and development despite economic worries abroad—a scenario that highlights the increasingly complex job of the finance chief: balancing innovation and costs.

Published on November 20 2015

In two separate exposure drafts, the International Accounting Standards Board proposed changes to its investment property standard and proposed narrow-scope amendments to three other standards.

Published on November 19 2015

The structural silos that form in organisations are a powerful barrier to information sharing and innovation. Anthropologist Gillian Tett explains how some organisations have broken down these barriers.

Published on November 18 2015

Reforms adopted worldwide in the past 12 years have reduced regulatory constraints on small and midsize businesses, especially in emerging economies. Find out where the regulatory improvements have made the biggest difference.

Published on November 17 2015

Companies with a leadership team that is heavily involved in digital strategy are more likely to achieve rapid revenue and profit growth, according to a PwC report that lists attributes of such companies as well as three barriers holding other organisations back.

Published on November 11 2015

A new standard that will bring lease assets and liabilities onto company balance sheets received preliminary approval from the Financial Accounting Standards Board.

Published on November 11 2015

In a company with teams spread across multiple countries, communication that boosts employee performance can get impeded. Find out the worst knowledge flow barriers in multinational companies and how to deal with them.

Published on November 10 2015

In not-for-profit organisations, finding time to concentrate on strategy often is a challenge as busy CFOs juggle multiple duties.

Published on November 06 2015

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