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The American Institute of CPAs and the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants released the Global Management Accounting Principles, designed to help organisations improve their decision-making processes. The principles were developed through research and insight from a global panel of executives.

Published on October 22 2014

A study by PwC estimates between €896 billion and €1,415 trillion ($1.1 trillion and $1.8 trillion) could be released from balance sheets globally through improved working capital management.

Published on October 22 2014

Companies with an expanding global footprint have been slow to add directors with global capabilities to their boards, according to research by global executive search firm Egon Zehnder. To better understand the impact of this gap, companies should ask three questions.

Published on October 22 2014

The Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission (COSO) announced that it is undertaking a project to update its Enterprise Risk Management – Integrated Framework, which debuted in 2004.

Published on October 21 2014

To find business areas ripe for disruption, examine assumptions about your processes, your prices or your products, innovation expert Luke Williams said in a speech Monday to the AICPA’s governing body.

Published on October 20 2014

Although research shows that more organisations are using social media as a way to vet job-seekers, some experts say any information that’s found is not worth the risk of viewing protected information such as race, religious preference, or political affiliations that should not be considered in the hiring process.

Published on October 15 2014

Ireland has positioned itself as a low-tax jurisdiction to attract foreign multinationals, and the double-Irish loophole has been criticised as a method that allows multinationals to avoid paying tax.

Published on October 15 2014

Many companies worldwide struggle to get a handle on fraud, waste and abuse risks in the supply chain. A Deloitte fraud investigator offers seven questions that may lead accountants to breaches.

Published on October 14 2014

U.S. CFOs are less likely to respond to a crisis at work, according to a new report that offers five ways to better manage and avert crises. One possible reason for the decrease: The definition of “crisis” may have changed during the recession.

Published on October 13 2014

The Internal Revenue Service said it will revise temporary regulations issued in March to ensure that a number of the requirements under the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act for identifying foreign account holders will not apply before Jan 1, 2015.

Published on October 13 2014

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