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Continuing geopolitical instability, coupled with concern about over-regulation, means CEOs are less optimistic about global economic growth than they were in 2014, according to a survey by PwC. The research also reveals widespread concern about the availability of key skills.

Published on January 22 2015

US finance chiefs are more willing now than a year ago to negotiate starting salaries. But they are struggling to find skilled candidates as well, according to a new Robert Half survey.

Published on January 19 2015

New international auditing standards are designed to change how auditors communicate about their work in their reports.

Published on January 16 2015

Board members have a wide range of skills and expertise to offer, but given the time constraints on their formal activities, organisations rarely take full advantage of this knowledge. Executives reveal how their organisations make the most effective use of the limited time the board spends together.

Published on January 16 2015

The principles outlined in a popular internal control framework can help organisations manage their cyber-security.

Published on January 15 2015

The use of data analytics can provide organisations with a wide range of benefits, from improving cybersecurity to supporting strategic decision-making. Yet new research by EY shows that few companies are taking advantage of these opportunities and just 23% have a formal data strategy

Published on January 14 2015

About three-fifths of executives say long-term incentives motivate them to remain at their current organisation, according to a global survey by the Association of Executive Search Consultants. Most members of the C-suite reported receiving an increase in pay during the most recent fiscal year.

Published on January 14 2015

Home Depot’s recent data breach, which happened while the company was upgrading its security systems, was one of the nine most common types of cyber-attacks. Find out how to prevent these attacks.

Published on January 14 2015

The IRS announced it has created a secure online site for financial institutions and tax administrators to use to report account information required under the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act.

Published on January 13 2015

New CGMA research has found that many companies have yet to embed sustainability concerns in their decision-making process. The report sets out practical ways to guide your organisation towards sustainable business success.

Published on January 06 2015

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