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Changes at the top, even the best planned ones, reduce shareholder value in the short term, according to research by PwC’s consulting group. But firing the CEO without having a successor lined up is costlier.

Published on April 22 2015

The top reason job-seekers were eliminated from consideration by employers is checking their phone during an interview, according to a new survey.

Published on April 21 2015

The percentage of Americans who have fallen prey to an information security breach has risen to 25% from 11% the previous year, a new AICPA survey found.

Published on April 21 2015

The finance function is well-positioned to help a company improve performance and avoid risks by paying more attention to sustainability, a new report says. CFOs can lead the way if they focus on overcoming challenges related to sustainability.

Published on April 20 2015

Many managers think their companies do a good job recognising employees for their efforts, but employees don’t see it the same way. A new report shows the divide between management and staff, and it offers tips for bolstering recognition practices.

Published on April 17 2015

Executives and corporate directors believe business uncertainties and threats are increasing, a PwC survey suggests. The survey results explain how improved risk-management programmes can improve financial performance.

Published on April 16 2015

A report by MHI, the international trade association for the supply chain and logistics industry, highlights the impact disruptors are likely to have in the near future, as well as three ways companies can remain competitive in the supply chain space.

Published on April 15 2015

Compliance functions often take precedence over analysis for finance staffs, according to a new report. Also, a majority of finance executives are dissatisfied with their organisation’s approach to annual budgeting, data from Grant Thornton and the American Productivity and Quality Center show.

Published on April 15 2015

Aligning employee skills development to corporate performance targets and establishing quantitative targets makes training programmes more effective, a McKinsey survey suggests. Companies can accomplish this by following three steps.

Published on April 15 2015

Demands from activist shareholders are on the rise around the world. CFOs can play a role in helping their companies take the right approach to listening, and responding, to activists.

Published on April 14 2015

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