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Evolution of technology and the sophistication of hackers have made cybersecurity one of the most important areas of risk management for businesses.

Published on September 19 2016

The Internal Revenue Service issued guidance prohibiting corporations from taking foreign tax credits for taxes without repatriating the earnings to the United States.

Published on September 15 2016

Regulators worldwide are increasingly co-operating to pursue financial crime, but multinational companies haven’t fully aligned their due diligence. Here are four ways to ensure your anti-corruption programme is up-to-date.

Published on September 13 2016

In addition to the traditional finance and compliance roles, CFOs are seeing their duties expand to include responsibilities in IT, human resources, and risk management.

Published on September 13 2016

Even entities with small budgets should have internal controls in place. Here are five low-cost strategies for smaller organisations interested in fending off large-scale financial problems.

Published on September 07 2016

US businesses plan to hire and expand without regard to the results of the presidential election, according to a survey of finance executives by the American Institute of CPAs.

Published on September 07 2016

Author and trainer Derek Arden outlines the skills you need, preparations every good negotiator makes, and what you can glean from the other party’s body language.

Published on September 02 2016

A growing number of US companies plan to hire more workers, but finding the right talent remains a concern, according to a quarterly survey of finance executives by the American Institute of CPAs.

Published on September 01 2016

Starting salaries for US accounting and finance positions will continue to rise in 2017, reflecting high demand for skilled professionals, according to a new salary guide.

Published on August 30 2016

Businesses of any size can run into intercompany accounting challenges. Here are the five biggest problems and strategies to tackle them.

Published on August 26 2016

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