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Despite regulation remaining a top concern for US businesses, optimism is growing in the wake of the presidential election.

Published on December 08 2016

The UK government has published a green paper detailing its proposals to strengthen governance in UK companies with a view to restoring public trust in business.

Published on December 07 2016

Political decisions that may affect cross-border business policies in the US and the UK have so far had no effect on international accounting standards, Hans Hoogervorst said.

Published on December 06 2016

Most companies have implemented anti-bribery policies. Corporate gifting policies go a step further. With the holidays approaching, businesses of any size should consider these seven best gifting practices.

Published on December 05 2016

Emphasising work/life balance can be a key retention tool for organisations, but not all have followed through. Managers in one survey were more likely than staff to say companies were supportive of work/life balance.

Published on December 02 2016

Corporate finance leaders who want to do a great job shaping strategy and driving innovation necessary for sustainable growth face four main challenges. Here’s how they can tackle them.

Published on November 23 2016

Wesley Bricker, a CPA and former PwC partner who has a law degree and is a member of the New York State Bar Association, was named chief accountant by the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

Published on November 22 2016

Technology and business systems are the most difficult part of integration during a merger or acquisition, slightly ahead of integrating employees and corporate culture, according to a US survey.

Published on November 18 2016

LinkedIn can be a window into your professional capacity, so it’s worth investing time in your profile to create the right impression. Here’s how to present your skills and experience to attract opportunities.

Published on November 17 2016

Empower your finance team to better contribute to value creation within the organisation by reallocating resources so team members can focus on more strategic areas. Finance management professionals explain how.

Published on November 16 2016

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