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Overall optimism amongst US finance executives in business and industry took a slight dip, but sentiment remains positive compared with previous first quarters in the post-recession era, a new survey shows. Optimism in most sectors is up year over year.

Published on March 05 2015

Venture capital investors regained their confidence in 2014, and venture-backed deal activity soared worldwide.

Published on March 04 2015

Just 40% of companies consider the management information provided by their finance function to be insightful, according to a Deloitte finance benchmarking survey. The report highlights three areas where action is needed if finance teams are to more effectively support decision-making.

Published on March 03 2015

Root cause analysis of audit issues has the potential to bring about significant improvements in audit quality, audit regulators said while presenting results of a global survey of audit inspection findings.

Published on March 03 2015

Auditors of UK companies are finding innovative ways to improve the transparency of their audit reports, and many are going beyond the requirements published in June 2013, according to an FRC study of 153 extended auditor’s reports.

Published on March 02 2015

The UK regulator has published amendments to FRS 102 designed to clarify accounting practice for companies sponsoring defined benefit pension schemes.

Published on February 27 2015

International convergence of the new revenue recognition standard may decrease as a result of clarifying revisions that will be proposed by the Financial Accounting Standards Board and the International Accounting Standards Board.

Published on February 25 2015

Consumer goods businesses can prepare their supply chains to tap the growing global demand for e-commerce without sacrificing profits.

Published on February 25 2015

While some employers see flexible working policies as an essential talent retention tool, others raise concerns about the impact on organisational culture and relationships with colleagues.

Published on February 24 2015

In the US and UK, small pay increases are predicted, and Europe overall is also on the rise, but high inflation is hurting some emerging economies, according to Hay Group research.

Published on February 23 2015

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