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Common-sense strategies can help capture the hearts and minds of Millennials, the largest demographic group in the US labour market and the least engaged at the workplace.

Published on May 25 2016

Finance chiefs around the world face an increasing rate of change in business, as well as more scrutiny and regulation. Taking steps to grow skills and escape their comfort zone can help CFOs adapt to their changing role.

Published on May 24 2016

With the role and scope of accounting jobs changing as the pace of business escalates, finance professionals must be comfortable developing skills that go beyond technical proficiency.

Published on May 23 2016

Equity analysts want to see more information about a company’s brand and other intangible assets in their financial reports.

Published on May 18 2016

Clarifications on guidance for contract costs, and preproduction costs related to long-term supply arrangements are included in the proposal.

Published on May 18 2016

Emerging markets, especially in Asia, will pose unique challenges in coming years. To master them, business leaders must embody the following six key traits, Deloitte research suggests.

Published on May 17 2016

Timely use of data can help organisations improve decision-making. But the human element remains an important part in harnessing the power of data analytics.

Published on May 15 2016

Multinational companies operating in the EU would be required to report to the EU member state in which the parent entity is tax resident, information on where they make their profits and where they pay tax.

Published on May 13 2016

To protect revenue and profits, multinationals can tap into three trends that promise to buck worldwide slowing population and consumption growth over the next 15 years.

Published on May 11 2016

An increasing percentage of UK employees say they are unlikely to fulfil career aspirations in their current organization.

Published on May 11 2016

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