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Businesses with female senior management exhibit stronger financial performance, research indicates. So what’s stopping so many companies from realising the value of having women at the helm?

Published on March 26 2014

Germany’s mid-market family businesses, called the “Mittelstand”, are renowned throughout Europe for their resilience and innovative outlook. This article examines the value in learning from their approach.

Published on March 11 2014

Traditional planning, budgeting, forecasting, and reporting processes no longer are meeting organizations’ needs, a survey of CGMA designation holders shows. Learn how the finance function can help refresh these processes to provide better guidance to businesses.

Published on February 10 2014

CIMA Chief Executive Charles Tilley talks key business drivers and sustainable success with BT Group’s Tony Chanmugam, FCMA, CGMA.

Published on December 17 2013

Finding and developing the right talent is central to PepsiCo’s drive to deliver sustained financial performance. Kimsuka Narsimhan, CFO of PepsiCo India, and Marcin Piotrowski, ACMA, CGMA, CFO of PepsiCo-owned Wimm-Bill-Dann in Russia, share different approaches to meeting a common purpose.

Published on December 04 2013

Careful attention to metrics has helped online cinema ticketing service Fandango become a prominent player in the US entertainment industry. See how CFO Rob Leff, CPA, CGMA, and his staff use forecasting to help the company build successful partnerships, targeted marketing initiatives and focused strategic plans.

Published on December 04 2013

Get a glimpse of Lagos, the commercial heart of Nigeria, which possesses one of Africa’s largest urban populations and surging foreign direct investment.

Published on December 04 2013

Exceptional companies find success based on value, and they emphasise finding ways to make money before finding ways to save it. Learn the three rules of exceptional companies and why it’s not always easy to follow those rules.

Published on December 04 2013

Purposefully pessimistic sessions called “pre-mortems” are helpful in uncovering and then developing strategies around unknown risks. Here’s a guide on how to conduct your own pre-mortem.

Published on December 04 2013

Find out why J. Mark Jenkins, CPA, CGMA, the vice president at the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy, was hired to be a world-class collaborator.

Published on December 04 2013

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