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Controller as business manager

Controller as business manager

This publication provides CFOs, controllers and management accountants the understanding and tools necessary to integrate their activity into the larger financial and organization leadership functions.

Corporations: Checklists and illustrative financial statements

Corporations: Checklists and illustrative financial statements

Whether you are a financial manager looking to ensure that your financial statements are in compliance with FASB disclosure requirements, or a preparer working on your auditor’s report, AICPA’s Corporations: Checklists and Illustrative Financial Statements has you covered. 

testing goodwill impairment webcast

Budgeting, planning, and forecasting in uncertain times

In today’s dynamic business environment this book will help financial managers and management accountants to develop an integrated network of business models to plan, monitor and optimise organisation performance.

assets acquired to be used in research and development activities

Assets acquired to be used in research and development activities - Accounting and valuation guide

This new guide provides guidance and illustrations regarding the initial and subsequent accounting for, valuation of, and disclosures related to acquired intangible assets used in research and development activities (IPR&D assets).

testing goodwill impairment webcast

Testing goodwill for impairment - Accounting and valuation guide

This guide provides accounting and valuation guidance for impairment testing of goodwill. Specifically, it focuses on practice issues related to the qualitative assessment and the first step of the two-step test.

Risk assessment for mid-sized organisations: COSO tools for a tailored approach, 2nd edition

Risk Assessment for Mid-Sized Organisations 2nd edition offers guidance and practical tools designed to demystify risk identification at the enterprise or entity level and to help the user develop a tailored approach to the organisation’s risk management requirements. This book covers COSO thought leadership on practical approaches to getting started on this process as well as an overview of risk assessment approaches and techniques that have emerged as the most useful and sustainable for decision making.

Marketing management for non-marketing managers

Marketing management for non-marketing managers: Improving returns on marketing investments offers solutions for executives with budget oversight responsibilities who want to measure and improve their marketing returns. This book introduces the three reasons most marketing plans fail to live up to their potential, shares the secrets of market leaders and provides practical advice to managers who want to learn how marketing can contribute to their companies’ financial success.

IFRS financial statements—Best practices in presentation and disclosure 2012/2013

IFRS Financial Statements—Best Practices in Presentation and Disclosure 2012/2013 (formerly IFRS Accounting Trends & Techniques) gives you relevant and useful presentation and disclosure examples. This invaluable resource provides the most comprehensive set of disclosure examples.

Communications: Methods and applications for financial managers

Management accountants’ communication skills are being tested as never before. Increasingly, finance professionals must not only be able to communicate with their peers, but with managers and employees across their organisation as well as with investors, shareholders, regulators and the media about complex audit, tax, business, financial, regulatory and strategic issues. This book delivers crucial advice on how to do so effectively for both entry-level accountants and those in the executive suites of the world’s largest corporations.

Strategy and risk management: An integrated practical approach

Financial and business managers will better understand the importance of integrating risk management with the strategic planning processes that are essential for the successful survival and growth of an organisation with this helpful guide. This book provides tools that will leverage your risk management efforts to create stronger organisational leadership.

Strategic business management: From planning to performance

Gain a better understanding of the critical interplay between planning and performance with this helpful guide for financial managers in business, industry, and government. This publication provides a holistic approach that brings clarity to managers and allows them to understand the moving parts that produce effective strategic management.

Budgeting: Techniques and applications

This publication helps financial managers understand and apply sound budgeting skills in a clear and organised process that leads you through the analysis and thought processes behind effective budgeting. With this guide in hand, move your current method of budgeting to a higher level by creating budget action plans and prioritising capital spending needs.

Forecasting: Methods and applications

Guiding an organisation in tough economic times requires vision and thoughtful analysis. This book delivers the specific tools, techniques, and processes that effectively generate forecasts applicable to financial outputs such as balance sheets, income statements, and revenue projections.

The traits of today’s CFO: A handbook for excelling in an evolving role

Today’s CFO must be a successful collaborator, consultant, communicator, and leader. Understand the critical skills that will allow you to move beyond your comfort zone and into a leadership role within your organisation.

Smart risk management: A guide to identifying and calibrating everyday business risks

In today’s rapidly evolving business environment, effective risk management does not always translate to risk reduction. While not enough effort in controlling risks is dangerous, too much drains resources and impedes innovation. Find your balance.

Case studies on enterprise risk management implementation

Walk through the process of initiating and implementing an ERM programme with a real-life organisation as the board, senior management, and the management team identify and rate significant risk categories.

Beyond facts and figures: Integrating social and political risk into management decision making

The corporate risk landscape has shifted significantly in recent years. Update your approach with techniques that allow for a holistic consideration of risk. Apply practical calculations to operations, investment planning, and other management decisions.

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