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CGMA Learning Program: Strategic Management Accounting - Video Summary 

This pre-recorded 3.5 hour video series provides a high-level overview of the major components of the related self-study course, CGMA Learning Program: Strategic Management Accounting.

CGMA Exam Preparation Video Review Course

Adrian D. Sims, MBA/MCIM leads you through a structured process for analyzing the CGMA exam pre-seen material and also provides a series of practice exams—and individually graded responses—to increase your chances for passing the exam.

CGMA Learning Program: Strategic Management Accounting

This CPE program provides you with the technical knowledge required for the CGMA exam, as well as providing you with CPE related to strategic management accounting.

Financial Performance Management Program

These courses dive deeper into the technical skills needed by financial professionals in business and industry.

Improve your leadership effectiveness by looking ahead

This course will teach you the leadership strategies that will help you keep your organization moving forward with speed, flexibility, and innovation.

Lean manufacturing

This module will explain how Lean developed as a result of the Toyota Production System.

Operational cost reduction and procurement

This module will provide users with an overview of the many different points to consider when undertaking an operational excellence programme.

Improve the organisation's performance through coaching

This course will prepare the Key Financial Strategist (KFS) to use the skill of coaching to help his or her organisation establish a High Road-based tone at the top.

Cost and return: Professional ethics in business

This course explores the role that management accountants can play in contributing to ethical management practices.

Budgeting pitfalls, part 1

This two-part course will help you identify and address the many pitfalls that can occur throughout your annual budgeting and planning process.

Budgeting pitfalls, part 2

This two-part course will help you identify and address the many pitfalls that can occur throughout your annual budgeting and planning process.

A leader's guide to mastering influence

During this one hour module, participants will gain valuable insights into their strengths as well as development areas to become consummate influencers.

Shared service provision

This course builds your awareness of what a shared service is and the common arguments for and against them. The preconditions and best practices for shared services are also outlined.

Budgeting systems and mechanics

This course helps you identify the overall structural components of budgets. Through case studies and interactions, you learn best practices for improving organizational effectiveness in developing and managing well-conceived budgets.

New age budgeting

Many organisations still utilise 90-year-old budgetary processes in an age of much greater stability and certainty. This course explores today’s shortcomings, the real needs of the 21st Century, and alternate approaches to existing budgetary processes.


Strategic performance measures

This course focuses on Shareholder Value Analysis (SVA) and Economic Value Added (EVA) Theory. SVA principles maximise investor wealth and hold managers accountable for the impact their decisions make on the company’s value. EVA theory requires certain costs to be viewed as investments and performance measured appropriately.

Strategy in action

Many experts believe that management is losing the ability to think and act strategically. Operational effectiveness is often confused with strategic thought and action. This course examines both strategy and strategic planning fundamentals and how key strategic elements drive competitive success and a focused workforce.

Process excellence

According to Deming, a business thought leader, “85% of the reasons for failure to meet customer expectations are related to deficiencies in systems and processes…rather than the employee.” This programme looks at how to manage, improve and design processes to address this concern.

Lean six sigma

Lean Six Sigma is a world-class best practice method of continuously improving through processes. Deployed well it can dramatically improve the bottom-line performance of organisations. In this course we cover the Seven Key Principles behind Lean Six Sigma, and look at reducing Waste and reducing Defects and Variation. We also look at how to secure Stakeholders’ acceptance of the changes required, as well as the detailed steps of the DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve and Control) methodology.


Financial forecasting: Examining the basic model

This course demonstrates the financial forecasting process -- from the sales forecast to the projected income statement and balance sheet through the financial forecasts for decision-making purposes. It explains the basic forecasting model and illustrates how the per-cent-of-sales method is used to prepare the projected income statement and balance sheet.


Financial forecasting: The financial statements

This course: demonstrates how the basic model can be adapted to use statistical techniques such as simple linear regression; explains how to develop an income statement from the basic model and show methods for forecasting expenses; and demonstrates how to reconcile the income statement and balance sheet.


Financial forecasting: Planning and decision making

This course demonstrates how financial forecasting can be used for financial management decision-making. This course also examines the effect of debt usage on company value, the impact of taxes, risk, and bankruptcy on company value, and illustrates how to integrate the capital structure planning into the forecasting model.


Financial forecasting: Managing growth

This course demonstrates: 1) what happens when a company mismanages growth; 2) how to use the basic model to obtain the maximum growth rate with available sales forecasting techniques; 3) how to forecast short-term cash needs; and 4) how to integrate this shorter-term model with the per cent of sales forecasting model.


Activity based costing made easy

Activity Based Costing is based on simple concepts and practical methods that drive increased cost understanding across an organisation’s operations, and enable management to make smarter business decisions that benefit the organisation’s bottom line. This course demonstrates the practical adoption of basic ABC principles.


Commercial skills for finance professionals

This course focuses on the finance professional’s ability to operate as a true business partner with enhanced behavioural and operational skills, and the capacity to communicate with colleagues and management effectively. What issues should finance professionals discuss within their organisations? What is the best way to communicate those issues?


IFRS certificate program

The IFRS Certificate Program is a comprehensive, integrated curriculum of 25 online self-study courses. Developed by subject matter experts from around the world, this scenario-based series of courses use multimedia elements, interactive exercises and case studies to guide you through the concepts under each area of IFRS.

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