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How to talk to your employer about the Chartered Global Management Accountant Designation 

You’re a CPA, so it’s a given that you take your organization’s success seriously. You deliver financial results and provide strategic advice to your employer, combining quantitative and qualitative data to guide more informed decision making and drive long-term business outcomes. And, as a CPA who is also a management accountant, you have unique skills to succeed in today’s fast-paced business world.

If your employer sponsors your professional development and memberships, it may be up to you to help him or her see the value of your CGMA designation. In order to help you receive employer support for the CGMA designation going forward, here are some pointers to help you discuss the CGMA with your employer:

  1. Stress the CGMA designation’s foundation in the CPA
    In the U.S., a CGMA designation holder’s expertise is rooted in the U.S. CPA curriculum. CGMA holders have passed the Uniform CPA Examination; have a minimum of three years of experience in management accounting; understand how the different parts of a business need to come together to create value; have the ability to communicate and influence colleagues to drive success; and have the agility and adaptability to manage business opportunities and risks in an ever-changing global economy.
  2. Be prepared to explain how your designation will complement your CPA credential
    A CGMA designation allows you to showcase your expertise in corporate finance and management accounting. Your access to extensive—and specialised—professional resources and connection with a global community of management accountants will keep you current with issues facing businesses around the world. Be ready to talk to you employer about the experiences that lead you to the designation. The CPA got you in the door, but your business acumen and broad skill set is best represented by the CGMA designation.
  3. Highlight how the CGMA designation represents your career achievements as a CPA who is committed to guiding critical business decisions and driving strong business performance.
    Before you meet with your employer, read through the CGMA Report, “The Fast-Track to Leadership: The challenges, opportunities and action plan” and make note of the skills and talents that are most closely related to your experiences. Prepare examples of how you drive business success and make sure you can articulate your achievements.
  4. Review the array of resources available exclusively to CGMA designation holders on
    Get familiar with everything you’ll be able to access as a CGMA holder. Visit, read CGMA Magazine, review the thought leadership reports, and investigate opportunities for management accounting skills and knowledge development.
  5. Think about how CGMA resources would also benefit your employer
    For example, how would you improve operational efficiency if you had access to the latest CGMA performance tools? How would you help your company better understand market trends if you could download leading-edge CGMA research?
  6. Review all available case studies
    Case studies from companies such as Dell, Unilever, P&G and KPMG highlight re-world examples of how CGMAs are positively affecting their organizations.
  7. Explain that the AICPA and CIMA are two of the most respected accounting bodies in the world
    Finally, in case your management team is unfamiliar with the accounting profession, you might want to be prepared to explain that the AICPA and CIMA are two of the most respected accounting bodies in the world, and that your state society keeps you connected to the financial needs of your region.
    • The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, founded in 1919, is the world’s leading and largest professional body of Management Accountants, with more than 195,000 members and students operating in 176 countries, working at the heart of business. CIMA members and students work in industry, commerce, the public sector and not-for-profit organisations.
    • The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) is the world’s largest association representing the accounting profession, with nearly 386,000 members in 128 countries and a 125 year heritage. AICPA members represent many areas of practice, including business and industry, public practice, government, education and consulting.

Employers now more than ever need experienced professionals like you to help them understand that the CGMA designation is valuable to the organization and to your career trajectory. By highlighting the value the CGMA designation brings to you and your employer and reminding them of the connections you have with the AICPA, you are helping to drive success at your organization. The designation is worth your employer’s support.

Have you spoken to your employer about the designation? We are interested in hearing your stories. Please share your experience in the comments section below.

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