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 CGMA exam information 

Starting in January 2015, candidates from both the AICPA and CIMA will be required to pass the same capstone examination in order to become CGMA designation holders. The first exam sitting will be in May 2015.

The CGMA exam is an integrated, comprehensive strategic case study that will assess the competencies required in today’s business environment. Candidates will be required to apply theoretical and practical knowledge to a real-world scenario in order to demonstrate their ability to guide business decisions.

Watch this video overview and learn about the unique case study format designed to assess a management accountant’s ability to think and perform strategically in relevant business situations.

Practice exam
A practice exam is available to illustrate the key features of the case study exam, demonstrate the format of the questions and allow candidates to gain familiarity with the exam’s functionality. The practice test is free to use as many times as a candidate wishes.

Prior to taking the practice exam, candidates should download the sample advance (or “pre-seen”) material.  These documents illustrate the nature of the materials that will be available to test-takers seven weeks prior to the exam. Due to system constraints, the practice exam module does not contain all of the pre-seen material. Therefore, candidates will need to reference the PDF during the practice exam. During the live exam, all pre-seen material will be accessible.  

Please note that responses on the practice exam will not be marked or saved.  Practice exam answers are available for download. The answers demonstrate what a high-performing candidate could reasonably expect to achieve in the exam. Other approaches could be equally valid. Since answers will not be saved,  they should be copied into a word processor and saved by the user.

The practice exam is hosted on the Pearson VUE website, which asks users to create an account. The process will take a few minutes to complete. Once an account is created, users will not have to repeat the process for any later visits to the practice exam. Personal details will not be used for third-party commercial purposes.

Please note, functions omitted in the practice exam are:

  1. On-screen calculator
  2. Scratch pad for making notes
  3. Shuffling the position of questions

Additional resources

Exam tutorial
The exam tutorial demonstrates the full functionality of the exam. It explains how to answer the various questions/item types, and how to navigate through the exam. Two versions of the tutorial are available on the Pearson VUE webpage.

Exam prep (Coming soon)
Learning content including live courses, online self-study and other resources are currently in development.

To find out more about the CGMA exam:

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